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Yoga To The People

Yoga To The People

From the earliest times in India, Yoga practice has been practiced in India since ancient times. Thousands of years ago, our Rishimuni created yoga meditation for the benefit of the people only. The form of yoga is very broad and is therefore not linked to a definition.

Yoga To The People | Yoga is a Sanskrit word, made of ‘ USE ‘ metal and means connection or harmony. Through yoga, the soul and the supreme soul connect.

Yoga is also called a skill for karma, the Prohibition of the mental instinct of the mind and a means of attaining the truth.

Yoga is a systematic science of fully integrating human personality. is is just as extravagant as the Vedas! That is, in the Vedas, there is a mention of Yoga. Yoga learning is a living study. Yoga is also called the science of spirituality.


History of Yoga | Yoga To The People


Yoga To The People | Maharshi Patanjali has suggested eight parts of yoga for the purification of body, mind, and soul in the ‘ Yogasutra ‘ which is called ‘ Ashtanga Yoga ‘. These are the eight organs: Yama, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi. A brief overview of these organs is given below:

1. Yama– ‘Yama’ means abstinence. abstinence means the Order not to work. yam is five: Ahinsa (non-violence), Satya (truth), Astey (Un-stealth), brahmacharya (celibacy), and Aparigraha (No Temptation).

Ahinsa (non-violence) – Do not hurt anyone. through the mind, word, and deed. The practitioner of yoga should practice non-violence.

Satya (truth) – The truth of what is understood in the mind, what you see with your eyes and what you hear with your ears, is the same thing as ‘Satya’. Truth is a form of life. Adhyatma is ultimately the search for the ultimate truth of life. Truth cannot be found in the path of untruth. That is, for the practitioner of yoga, Mind, Word, and Karma are required to follow the truth.

Astey (Un-stealth) – Do not steal from mind, words, deeds and do not covet the wealth of others. It applies not only to wealth but also to thought, fame, respect, etc also apply. The importance of both is important in terms of mental cleansing and social cleansing.

brahmacharya (celibacy) – is to exercise restraint on sexual activity with all the senses. Yoga and victimhood are both contradictory matters. Yoga can not be done while consuming the victim.

Aparigraha (No Temptation) – Abandonment of collections.


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2. Rule: The rule is also five: Shauch (Defecation), Santosh (Contentment), Tap (Penance), Swadhyay (Self-identification)

Shauch (Defecation) – the purity of body and mind. In yoga, both Inter-external defects are regarded as wasteful.

Santosh (Contentment) – The virtue of being complacent, even in favorable or unfavorable conditions, is called ‘contentment’. Contentment is the best of all is paradise. Satisfaction is the greatest treasure of a human being.

Tap (Penance)The practice of body and mind by tolerating problems like happiness, sorrow, cold and heat is called austerity.

Swadhyay (Self-identification)The ideas which are exchanged for the purification and acquisition of knowledge are called ‘Swadhyaya’.


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When worshiping God with the mind, speech and karma and entrusting all karma to God are called ‘Ishvarapidhidhan’.

Surrender to Paramatma is a feeling of certainty and mental health is maintained. Physical health is maintained automatically when mental health is maintained. By surrendering to God, self-confidence is strengthened. One experiences divine pleasure and realizes one’s own shortcomings and therefore does not feel proud. Thus, It escapes destruction from pride.


Yoga For The People

3. Asan: Asan is the third step of the Ashtangyog. Thus, it should be made clear that asana is neither a complete yoga nor a final state of yoga. But there is a very important part of perfect yoga, through which the practitioner can prepare himself for the highest practice of yoga.


Yoga To The People | According to Maharishi Patanjali’s ‘Yogsutra’, ‘STHIRSUKHAMASANAM’ means So that the body remains stable and the mind attains happiness, thus, the state of the body is called ‘asana’. Asanas provide purification of the pulse, growth of health and Awareness of body and mind. In this way, regular posture as the body becomes a powerful tool for yoga, asana has many. But in this Topic, asanas are discussed only in view of the health of the common person.


4. Pranayama: Pranayama has a special and important place in the yogic in the sequence of pray. ‘Pranayama’ literally means ‘control over the prana’. Thus, the purpose of Pranayama is to Engaged, transmit, Is to manage, regulate and adjust. That is why Pranayama and yoga have been considered as an indispensable tool in science. Just as the body needs a bath for purification, In the same way, Pranayama is needed for the purification of mind.


Yoga Information

5. Pratyahar (Renounce): The position in which the senses are released from their external subjects and become introverted is called Renounce’. This makes the strong mind and the voluntary senses calm. The senses can be completely subdued with Renounce. Not only that, the immense powers of God are felt and The practitioner is absorbed in God.


6.Dhaarna (Perception): The word assumption means concentration. In this way, to increase the concentration of mind, what is practiced is called dhaarna. With the help of concentration, a calm mind can be successfully centered on one space.


7.Dhyan (Meditation): The action through which the mind is constantly feeling is called meditation. the Satvik qualities develop. From the pursuit of meditation what is right and what is good and what is good and what is bad with the pursuit of meditation – concentration awakens. The power of observing in a neutral way is awakened.


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8. Samadhi (Mausoleum): The state of ‘Samadhi’ is created from meditation when only the goal-form is realized. The mind achieves the goal – Goals get overwhelmed. Disturbances, namely ‘worldly temptations – distractions’, reduce the concentration of consciousness. This is why the concentration of the mind should be increased to avoid as many distractions as possible. Samadhi is at the peak of meditation.


The first five parts of yoga – yama, niyam, asana, pranayama and pratyahara are called ‘Bahirang yoga’, while dharana, meditation and samadhi yoga have a set of three called “sanyam”. If these eight organs are used in life, then religious qualities and religious qualities develop, as well as human mental, physical and spiritual upliftment and it attains complete physical and mental health.


Yoga To The people brooklyn


Yoga Asanas: Significance, Rules, and Classification

Yoga is the action of keeping the inter-outer parts of the body healthy. Unless the inter-body parts are healthy, no work can be done well. Body and mind are closely related. Can’t the other be saved by ignoring one, which is why thousands of years ago, the Greeks’ healthy bodies have a healthy mind? Believed in the theory of (a sound mind in a sound body). The whole system of their education is this Was based on theory.

Due to daily physical actions, taking food produce excrement and deformity in the body, they go out from these seven paths.

(1) Left – Right Snoring
(2) Left – Right through the eyes
(3) Left – Right diagonal
(4) By mouth
(5) By the anus
(6) by genitalia and
(7) By the skin


Yoga Asanas

Most of the diseases will occur if the body excretes these disorders and does not exit the body sufficiently and regularly. discharges the Yoga System is sufficiently and easily exiting the body through the above seven demands. Because of this, the body remains fully healed.

Important: Yoga Method practice is more important than other methods of exercise. The reasons are as follows.

  • In other methods, the internal organs of the body do not receive proper exercise, while the yogic system provides adequate exercise to the internal organs of the body. As a result, yoga practice allows a person to live healthy and longer.
  • Yoga requires very little space and less equipment
  • Other sports require teammates, while the yoga can do it alone.
  • Yoga has more effect on the mind and the senses than on any other form of exercise. It develops the power of one’s inner body and mind to subdue the mind and the senses.
  • Yoga does not require much food. So there is no extra cost.
  • Yoga can excrete feces and other disorders, which causes the body to develop an immune system and the body becomes immune.
  • Yoga makes the body flexible. increases the power of working and stay young.
  • The various capillaries of the body can be quickly purified by different postures.
  • Yoga and Pranayama increase the power of the lungs to circulate and spread. Due to this, there is a high blood war.
  • Youth and fitness are based on the flexibility of the spinal cord. The backbone can be heard by the yoga method.
  • Very little power is used while doing yoga asanas. Feeling less tired as a result. That’s why Yoga Asanas is called non-violent action.
  • Yoga makes a person a good friend.
  • Yoga gives peace of mind. Because of this, mental strength increases and intelligence develops.
  • Yoga can awaken the various glands of the body, Thereby generating a fair amount of interest in them. The juice develops in the blood and balances the body.

Yoga Exercises

  • Yoga Asanas and Pranayama can cure constipation, gas, diabetes, nausea, nia, headache, etc.
  • Through physical and mental development as well as intellectual and spiritual development is possible through yoga.
  • Older siblings can also do yoga. This is a purely Indian exercise. Our sages have been adopting this method for thousands of years. As a result, they remained healthy for many years.
  • Yoga Asanas strengthens the heart and the cognitive system and also provides peace and calmness to the mind.
  • The study of Yoga gives the body and mind a lot of rest in a short time. Even more profound breaks from sleep provide true breathing.
  • Regular yoga practice is always calm, happy since there is no impurity in the body.


Helpful Tips

To fully benefit from Yoga, it is imperative to follow the following instructions: –

(1) Do yoga after the process of defecation. If taking a bath after yoga, it is better because bathing makes the body lighter and healthier, as well as postures,  can be done easily. If you want to bathe after yoga, use normal warm water. Do yoga before dusk.

(2) The place of yoga should be flat, clean, air-light and quiet. Do Yoga mat or stone on the ground.

(3) Dressed according to the weather. Nappy or underwear and half pants for men and Punjabi dresses for women.

(4) Do not talk while performing yoga. The focus of the Yogis person should be on the breath and the organs on which the body looks. Physical and psychological benefits are greater with concentration.

(5) Before starting yoga, breathing, body, and mind should be calmed by breathing.

(6) Initially, study the difficult tasks patiently and complete them, so move the doctor patiently and courageously.

(4) Yoga Asanas is a non-violent action. That is, do not do any posture with force or force.

(8) Practice yoga asanas gradually. Doing so will create gentleness in the body and easily achieve full posture in a short time.

(9) It is important to practice yoga regularly. Too much irregular yoga can also cause harm.

(10) Yoga is a scientific process. It has to do with the inter-outer parts of the body. That is, Yoga Asanas should only after Knowing to learn from a knowledgeable person.

(11) The yogi’s practitioner should eat as much light food as possible so that the body is light.


Yoga Benefits

(12) Do not practice in complex diseases or fever. Women should not do yoga after four months of pregnancy, up to three months after delivery and during menstruation.

(13) Increase the number of yoga and the time required for it gradually. ‘Do not insist on doing more try the first day.

(14) Do not hurry from the initial state of any yoga to the final state and from the final state to the initial state.

(15) After doing yoga and breathing for a short time. It removes the fatigue of the body from Z1 and transmits energy to the body.

(16) If you do not feel tired after doing yoga, then your body gets to rest and your ability to work increases.

(17) Neither Yoga nor psychic Yoga is beneficial to the competition or to the appearance.

(18) Stop the excretion of feces before, during or after exercise.

(19) It is important to be calm when practicing yoga.

(20) If for some reason you stop yoga for a long time, then start slowly while starting and gradually increase the practice.

(21) Yogic actions performed in a certain sequence of practicing yoga. This sequence and the information behind it. Should Normally yoga should go from gross to subtle. therefore, one should first study Yoga Asanas and then postures and Pranayamas, and finally, sit for meditation. Also, understand the order of Yogasana and Pranayama.

(22) Have faith in yoga practice.



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Yoga is the stability of the ups and downs of the mind.


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