What Should I Do With My Life

What do I do With My Life

1. What Should I Do With My Life

What Should I Do With My Life | In the turbulent state of mental imbalance, a person can neither rise to the world nor seek spiritual advancement? The reason is that for the sake of Advancement; the force needed to move upward cannot mobilize due to mental instability.

I cannot trace just like a gun when the hand is shaking, it becomes difficult to decide what I should not do in a state of excitement or excitement. If mental imbalance and excitement produce a sense of impatience. Impatience is a sign of narrowing, narrowing, and childhood.

When a child plays a gardening game, his procedures are strange. Just sowed the seeds, gave the fertilizer right away and immediately in two to four minutes, he reversed the seed to see if the seed germinated. When the shoots do not appear, they again dig in the ground and dig again after three to four minutes.

Though ​​producing a plant is not fulfilled when it is often seen, yet another solution is done? They plant trees in the ground and thus try to satisfy their gardening cravings.

It scrubs the leaves of the branches to see if they bear fruit. If the fruit does not appear in ten to twenty minutes, the cloth ball is tied to a rope and hung on a branch, yet such incomplete gardening does not satisfy it. Shortly after fruiting, he destroys the garden and leaves.

2.What to do With My Life

Some young men and old men play the same guts in their fields. One starts the work with great enthusiasm. That enthusiasm becomes “overbearing.” Then it has not been a while since the work started, so it looks like how long it will take to achieve success. They are not willing to suffer any delay. When in a short time they do not see their colorful fantasies come to fruition, they leave them frustrated. In this way, they play a life-long role in starting and destroying many tasks.


What Should I Do With My Life


3. What do I want to do With My Life

Young children cannot imagine any difficulty, distance, or delay in their aspiration and desire. Such is the mood of impatient men who play such a child. If success is seen in the palm, it does not take long for the game to deteriorate.

In ancient times, when a disciple would go to the Guru for education, he would first have to test his patience, graze his cows, bring wood and harp.

There are many such stories in the Upanishads. Indra too had to wait a long time. Only when he gave his patients test did he receive the required education.

In the old days, wise men knew that a man of patience could succeed in any task. Therefore, the disciple should be taught to the patient, because the teaching of the teacher can be successful only by the disciple. Playful Learning to be impatient is perfectly fine for a human being. There is no special plan to achieve literacy or certification of some standard.

Eagerness and haste are a terrible flaw in life.

It takes time for the karma to mature. cotton has to go through many difficult times to reach the wardrobe and go through unbearable processes. Those who cannot wait patiently until the transitional intermediate programs are completed, should not expect to see Rune in the form of a garment. The hard work is rewarded only through a specific process. It takes time and difficulty.

4. What can I do With My Life

Sometimes such distances and times and difficulties may be more than necessary. It takes time and labor to cross it. Sometimes success can not be achieved despite many efforts, but sometimes it is necessary to achieve success by patiently sticking to the task for a long time.

A keen human being cannot stand fast. After some difficulty or feeling a bit overwhelmed, he becomes overwhelmed and leaves the field. This fate becomes a history of defeat.

This is a kind of mental illness that is not mind-boggling, suspicious and falling into a vow. Maybe if the work not done? Maybe if there was an accidental disaster or the opposite will result? Such unpredictable doubts overwhelm the mind, but the attraction and belief are distracting the mind. The work that is taken does not have integrity. Therefore, this work is done without mind and in such a situation is always looking for another new job. In such a turbulent state, not a single task is complete.

5. What am I supposed to do With My Life

The work done by the hands does not succeed, but the reverse error is made, the stumbling block is gone.

On the other hand, the benefits of finding a new job without enthusiasm – disadvantages are not even considered. The new work on incomplete imagination and its basis are seen, not in actual form, but figuratively. After leaving the first job and taking on the new job again, the new situation is the same as the old one. After a while, he also has to leave and take on a new job. Thus, the program of “starting work and quitting” is repeated, and until the end, human beings have nothing but remorse over their own failed life.

Imbalances not only cause problems in the physical and material realms but also from a spiritual point of view, the consequences are evil.


What to do With Your Life,


What Should I do With My Life Quiz

People who are immediately affected by psychological arousal also increase their egos and greed. Both of these elements produce many other types of faults. ego is a kind of intoxication, wherein humans think of themselves as bigger and lesser than others.

Other people compliment it, believing their words are the same thing. If there is a slight defect in him, he realizes his humiliation and blows like a snake with anger.

No one else wants to be rich or equal in wealth, education, strength, reputation. Likewise, if one sees something happy and prosperous then they start to feel jealous and hateful.

How to Live

Wants to increase one’s own ego to satisfy his ego. Indeed, prosperity comes from virtue and hard work, but a drunkard of pride cannot follow such a straightforward path. Eventually, he gets ready to commit dishonesty.

Insult means – the fall of the soul. People who think of themselves as poor, insignificant, inappropriate and incompetent live in the world, poor and low. Their talents become dull, and they cannot do any adventurous work. The degenerate human being does not have the courage required to attain prosperity and to overcome the injustice inflicted upon himself.

What is life Definition

As a result, he could not become rich or escape the trap of injustice. He is Surrounded by Poverty and someone who Persecutes his arrows keeps pointing at him. It is worthless to avoid such difficulties. False offenses such as stealing, cheating, deception, untruth, hypocrisy, adultery, flattery have to be sheltered.

It is surrounded by emotions like affection, affection, fear, apprehension, anxiety, annoyance, grief, regret, frustration, hatred. The natural way of life is to take the right path for human beings to attain and protect self-knowledge and self-esteem. When this conch is broken, the spiritual balance is broken and sin begins.


A person cannot spoil anything by envy of someone but loses his happiness and sleep.



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