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Positive vibes

Positive vibes meaning

Positive Vibes – Every person in the world has some kind of weakness. Just as one cannot run fast, one cannot lift the excess weight, one suffers from an incurable disease, one cannot remember the text after reading. There are many such examples. Do you know someone who has everything?


We live a weakness of life as the center of life. For that reason, there is always grief and resentment in the heart. Weakness is acquired by birth or by circumstance, but this weakness makes a man’s heart his dignity. But there are some people who beat that weakness with their effort and hard work with positive vibes.


Positive vibes-Positive vibes meaning



What is the difference between them and other people? Have you ever considered it? The simple answer is this. A person who is not defeated by weakness has the courage to make an effort in the heart. Only he can defeat weakness. That means God gives weakness, but, The human mind creates dignity. Think about yourself.




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Another name for the future is conflict. If there is a desire in the heart today and it cannot be fulfilled, then the heart plans for the future. It keeps imagining that the wish will be fulfilled in the future. But life is neither in the future nor in the past. Life is the name of this moment. That means the experience of this moment is the experience of life.


But despite knowing this, we do not understand such a truth, either we remain seated in the past or we plan for the coming time. And then life passes.


One truth is that if we take it into the heart, we cannot see the future. No future can be created. We can only embrace the future with patience and courage, welcome the future. so every moment of life will be filled with positive vibes. Think about yourself.





Positive Thoughts

Knowledge always comes from surrender. This is all we know. But what is the real significance of surrender? Have we ever considered it? The human mind always creates various obstacles in the attainment of knowledge.


Sometimes one is jealous of another student, sometimes suspects the lessons learned and sometimes the punishment given by the Teaching institute fills the mind with arrogance. No. Is it not? Do not know how many thoughts distract the mind and due to this unfit state of mind, we are unable to gain knowledge.


Positive vibes-Positive Thoughts


A worthy state of mind is made only by surrender. Surrender destroys the human ego. Jealousy and ambition dispel feelings and calm the heart. And converts the mind. In fact, there is neither dignity of knowledge nor knowledge of persons in the creation of God.


That means, whether the subject is about the knowledge of the world, whether it is about the knowledge of life or the knowledge that is received in the Teaching institute, Our dedication is more important than the Teacher. Is this not true?



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There is definitely such a moment in the life of every human being. When all the dreams all hope ceases. All the events of life fall apart. There are another religion and another happiness. That is called a religion crisis.


When the vehicle of religion is a crisis and sacrifice is happiness. Think you ever get an opportunity to speak the truth against a kinsman. At times of poor poverty, the path of easy stealing is found. Sometimes the iniquity of a powerful politician or an employee of a king is revealed.


Positive vibes-Sending positive vibes


Such an incident keeps happening in everyone’s life. Most people do not know such a moment as a religious crisis. We do not experience any kind of conflict. They are easily drawn towards happiness. As the ant moves towards Good.


In fact, the moment of religious crisis is the moment of approaching God. If we are not afraid of struggle, not attracted to happiness and are firm on our religion, then the interview of God is not far away.


If a leaf that fights with the windfalls from the tree, it still flies towards the sky. Wind-bending branches remain on the ground. That is if we avoid the crisis due to a religious crisis, then how good it feels and always live life with positive vibes.



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When two people come close, they try to build dignity for each other. If we consider all the relations, then we will see that the basis of all these relationships are the limits that we create for others. And if inadvertently, another person breaks these boundaries, then at that moment our heart is filled with anger.


Positive vibes-Positive Quotes


What is the actual form of these boundaries? Have we ever considered it? We cannot allow the other person to regulate through boundaries. They force their decision on the person.


That means, deny his freedom. And when freedom is denied, then our heart is filled with sorrow. And when he breaks boundaries, our heart is filled with anger. Is it not? But if each other’s freedom is respected then no dignity or boundaries are needed.




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There is definitely such an incident in everyone’s life that it is decided to tell the truth in the heart. But truth cannot come out of the mouth. Fear surrounds the mind. Is it true to talk about an event or a topic or to say something about someone who has made a mistake on their own? No.


This is just the fact. That is, it is normal to speak only as it happened. But sometimes even speaking that fact is scared. Perhaps the idea of ​​another’s emotion comes to mind. The other will be sad. This fear also prevents words. So what is this truth? Have we ever considered it? When someone speaks a fact despite fear, it is called truth.


Positive vibes-Good vibes caption


In fact, truth is nothing but another name of fearlessness. And there is no time to be fearless. Because fearlessness is the nature of the soul. That means, is not every moment to speak the truth? Think about yourself.




Uplifting Quotes

What does superiority mean? The best way to gain more knowledge from others. That is, the value is not about how much knowledge you have gained. The value is how much knowledge is gained from other people. That is, the desire for superiority also creates competition. And when is the final victory in the competition? It can be made perfect for some time. But no one can become perfect forever.


Positive vibes-Uplifting Quotes


Then the same resentment leads to pain and struggle. But what if you try to be perfect instead of becoming superior? perfect means to get all that is achievable. Not wanting to get more than anyone. To get something only for the attainment of the soul.

There is no competition from anyone else on the path to perfection. It competes with itself. That is, one who tries to become good gradually gets all the knowledge. He becomes superior without any effort. But one who tries to become superior does become superior or does not become superior but never becomes perfect.



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We plan today to remove the cause of future misery. But do we get benefits or losses by eliminating tomorrow’s crisis today? We never ask this question. The truth is that the problem and its solution are born together. For the individual and also for the world. No? Remember your past. Look at history.


You will be able to know immediately that, when the problem comes, the power to solve it is also born. This is the trend of the world. In fact, the problem is the reason for the birth of power. When each person rises from a problem, a position is advanced. More understands that more confident. Not only for ourselves, but also for the world. Is this not true?


Positive vibes-Positive good Vibes


The birth of the problem is actually the birth of an opportunity. An opportunity to change yourself. The opportunity to elevate your thoughts. An opportunity to make your soul strong and knowledge oriented.


He who is able to do this has no problem. But those who cannot do this are themselves a crisis for the world and do not always try to live life with positive vibes. Think about yourself.



Any human being in any type of situation, but if he has the power of positive vibes, then he can easily overcome it and can also face the problem with the help of positive vibes.


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