Lifetouch – 10 ways of changing a life


1. Do not tell anyone about the secrets – Lifetouch


Lifetouch | Do you know what is the greatest weakness of man? Think Hmmm, love or ego. The greatest weakness of man is his secrets. No matter how powerful you are, no matter how strong you are, but his secrets are the key to his apocalypse. Therefore, if you have to be strong, to be powerful, to be able, then do not tell your secret to anyone. Neither friend nor enemy, because no one knows who will become enemy in due time. That’s why keep your secret limited to yourself.


2. Do not copy – Lifetouch


Lifetouch | What does a human not do to succeed in the trials of life? He tries everything possible and does great work, but even after doing all this, his work is not made, he mimics it. Right?

Just remember your childhood days. What did you remember? What happened when you went to take exams at school? Some used to copy to get success. And used to pass. Did I say right?

The copywriter is not successful because everyone has the same question papers in school but the question papers of life and their difficulty are different for everyone. So, of course, their answers will also vary.

So if you want to get success in life then do not copy. Find answers to your own questions and success will be yours.


3. Unsuccessful is only a state of mind, always trying


Man’s life keeps swinging between defeat and victory, success and failure. This must-have happened to you too, right?

When you succeed, you overcome a challenge, then the mind starts swinging in the groves of joy. And when you achieve success, the mind starts sinking into the ocean of sorrow and suffering. But what exactly are success and failure?

Just think carefully this is only our state of mind. Our defeat does not happen when our enemy wins, our defeat happens when we accept defeat. We do not fail when we cannot achieve the goal, but we fail when we stop trying.

So keep trying, never give up. Because the day you stop accepting defeat everything, victory will be at your feet.


4. Serve with a pure heart


You all must have seen the banyan tree. Do you remember the size of the banyan tree seed is smaller than mustard seeds? But the banyan tree is known in the great tree of the world.

When it is born, it does not have branches. But as it expands, as it carries the weight of more branches, it surges more leaves, its branches become coiled and reach the root and support this tree.

It is a very important path to life. Help others by doing auspiciousness without greed. Gradually, the people you helped will become your helpers. Will make your roots stronger. Will increase the age and size. Symbolism help and every effortless work will not let you die even after death. Will keep you immortal.




5. Speak less


Our body is a great invention of nature, There is no more complex structure in this world. If our body is as complex as it is known properly, there is no one who gives more simple knowledge.

There are five senses in our body. Which makes us aware of expressions, qualities, and things. We have eyes, nose, skin, ears, and tongue. Everyone has different tasks. Seeing with eyes, hearing with ears, breathing through the nose, touching with skin, and tasting with the tongue. But have you ever thought that nature has given us two eyes, two noses, two ears, full body for touch but the tongue has given only one? Why? Because nature wants us to see more, hear more, earn more knowledge, and say less. Because speaking more invites perish, remember.


6. Support your loved ones – Lifetouch 


The elders always kept saying this, support their loved ones. Truth says that you should support your loved ones. But before supporting, it must be identified who is yours?

Are we the ones with whom we have blood relations? Or your friend? We are the ones who inspire us for good work, move us forward, support us.

And with whose support society is destroyed. There is a loss of religion and they are not ours after he is ours. Therefore, when you choose the definition of your loved ones, consider them who support you. Not those who lead us into the path of ignorance.




7. Stay away from loved ones for a time (for success)


Always want to be close to the people you love. Never want to be away from loved ones. Had to be separated But getting away from loved ones after time is necessary for progress.

If you are a parent, then you will continue to guide your child on every path of life. if you continue to guide your child then how will your child learn to choose the path himself? How will you learn to protect from the thorns of the road? That is why after a time the distance created from loved ones is always beneficial.


8. Keep positive thinking with Lifetouch 


Today, I tell you a story. One day a businessman was going out of his house. a cat came out the middle of that merchant’s path and the businessman got scared. He returned home again and waited for the auspicious moment.

when he came out of his house again, The vehicle was gone, which had to go to the king and give a gift. The king was angry when the king got angry. The king stopped the business of that merchant. For this reason, the businessman became furious and fought with his wife at home. The wife went back to her mother’s house with her children. If anything was left in the life of that businessman then only darkness.

And the reason for all this he kept believing that cat. Which came out from the middle of the path. Another such merchant came out to present to the king. But it passed through the middle of that merchant’s path. The businessman panicked but thought it better to move on. He reached the king on time.

He gave a gift to the king and the king was happy and allowed the merchant to expand his business. also gave gold ornaments. When the merchant reached home, the wife had jewelry and clothes to give to her children, she had every other pleasure. Do you understand?

A similar incident happened to both of them, but both had different reactions. Such is our life. Destiny has its place in our life. But more important than that is the effect of our reaction and our thinking. Because that’s what shapes our lives. So keep your thinking positive. Your life will always be blissful.




9. Do your favorite work – Lifetouch


We all do some work in our lives. When you work, you feel tired. And if fatigue does come, then I do not feel like working. We hope that perhaps instead of 24 hours in 1 day, 26 hours would have given us more time to rest. We feel like we are doing a lot of work. Right?

But have you ever thought, people who are successful in this world also have only 24 hours in a day to be successful? So how did they succeed? It has a little secret. He chooses what he loves. Which they enjoy doing.

They do not think that they are working. He feels that he is enjoying every moment. And how you feel tired when you enjoy it? Therefore, if you do any work in life, then your mind should like it or he should like our mind. You will surely get success.


10. Make time Favorable work


Have you ever thought that our life is also like that sand of pot? The sand that has fallen down is our past. What is above now is our future. And currently, it is a narrow place. From where the sand is slowly falling. That is, this is the only moment for us to live. How to use it depends on us.

Celebrate what has passed or wait for what is going to happen in the future. This is the one moment to do everything. If you want to be happy then this is also a moment for him. If you keep waiting, this moment will also change in the past.

So do not wait for enjoyment and for charity. Make full use of the moments you have. Because by turning this clock you can bring time again but you cannot bring back your past time.




Why did God give me this body and soul? Perhaps he believed in me that I could do something good for this world. Maybe I can Lifetouch with happily.



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