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Healthy Happy Life quotes

Everyone wants that he has lived Healthy happy life for more than 100 years, and lived well for a long time. But looking at today’s lifestyle, finding a gift of longevity is quite difficult.

Today, most of the people are suffering from serious diseases like blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Even if it is difficult to live for 100 years in the current lifestyle, by making positive changes in your routine, long and Healthy Happy Life can be gifted.


  • Be honest, don’t let yourself be used
  • Love but do not let yourself be right
  • Trust but don’t be naive
  • Listen to others don’t lose your voice


Healthy and happy life quotes

In today’s world, your innocence proves you crazy. Make yourself so innocent that you do not harm anyone. Keep yourself so clever that people cannot do bad things to you.

Once someone makes a mistake, we ignore him many times, but on his first mistake, be serious and explain that, if this mistake should not happen again, perhaps he will not have the courage to make a mistake again. So don’t let yourself be a victim of any tricks.


“Do not talk to anyone who is not interested in talking to himself”


How to live a healthy happy life

Once you talk, you get to know if this person wants to talk to you or not. Friends should never give advice to anyone without asking. By doing this, the person in front does not even appreciate the things that are necessary for him. That’s why understand the importance of yourself. It is better to enjoy your life than to talk to someone. Talk to those who are always ready to talk to you. And are happy to talk to you. And only by this, you can enjoy your Healthy Happy Life.


  • The world rests on trust




Healthy and happy life wishes

Your confidence gives you the courage to live a new coming tomorrow. Trusting Yourself You must learn from birds. Because in the evening when he goes back home, there is no pimple in his mouth.

Keep positive thinking wake up inside you. I will win, I will. It will take some time but I will reach the destination. Your courage will never let you break. If you want to have nature, keep it like a lamp which gives as much light in a rich palace as in a poor hut.


Living healthy is living happy essay

Never make anyone your special, nor be someone special. If you discriminate against someone or someone does to you, then life is wrongly affected. You can have some special friends of yours. Which belongs to everyone. With whom we can share things of the heart.

When you are with him, if someone who knows you is coming from the front, then do not treat such that it does not mean anything to you. It is as if you and your best friend are talking and, a family member comes from the front and you start speaking in front of him that do not talk now and tell it later. This conversion will click in his mind, both of them are hiding something from me. Then a negative image will be created for you in his heart. That is why do not treat someone else in front of someone else.


How to be a healthy and happy life

Everyone should stay away from any kind of fight. Stay away from the debate as much as you can. Because his voice tells how a human being is? And the debate shows how his knowledge is? You will be angry at him, you will tell him wrong, after that he will also speak wrong to you. That will reduce the value of both of you.

While you make him realize his mistake peacefully without using the wrong word, your importance will increase more in the eyes of the people. Only the crowd gathers by shouting, sees the spectacle and leaves. But talk with sweetness, for realize that mistake, the public will support you. The fellow who was furious was starting to get cool down. And will accept your mistake.

Anyway, arguing cannot prove anything. The conversation proves that this is correct. And the debate only proves who is right. Friends, I hope that reading this article will improve your life a little bit. An attitude stand can be obtained. In the eyes of the people, love will grow for you and I want you all to move forward in life as much as possible and be happy with your family.




The Secret of success

Sometimes an event breaks all the plans of a man’s life. And man takes that sorrow as the center of his life. But does the future run according to man’s plans? No. Just as the first person who climbs on a high mountain, sitting in the base of that mountain, what does the plan make, does that plan bring him to the top of the mountain? No.

In fact, as he climbs, he gets new challenges, new irony, and new obstacles. On each step, he decides his next step. Each step has to change its plans. Somewhere the old plan does not push him into the abyss. Mountains cannot make themselves worthy of you, only they can qualify themselves to the mountain. Is it not the same with life?

When a person considers one of the challenges in life and one of his obstacles, the center of his life then It stops the pace of life. So he is not able to become successful in his life nor can he get happiness and peace. That is, instead of making life worthy of itself, making oneself worthy of life is the only path to success and happiness. Think yourself




 How to make the right decision?

  • Every moment of life is a moment of decision.
  • Each step has to be decided by another step and the decision leaves its impact.

The decision taken today creates happiness or sorrow in the future. Not only for his family, but also for generations to come. When a dilemma arises, the mind becomes distraught. It is filled with uncertainty That moment of decision becomes war and the mind is the battleground.

Most of the decisions we take to remedy dilemmas are just to calm the mind. But can anyone eat food while running? No. So will the mind struggling with war make any worthy decision.

A truly calm mind makes a happy future for itself when someone makes a decision. But when someone makes a decision to calm their mind, that person plants a tree full of thorns for themselves in the future.

Strength of Self-confidence




  • When a man does not consider himself worthy of the struggle in life when he does not believe in his own strength, he leaves virtue and adopts Fortification.

In fact, a man takes birth in the life of a human being only when the soul does not believe in him.

When a man believes that the struggle of life makes him weak, he does not believe in himself. Instead of fighting the conflict, he starts looking for ways to get rid of it. But when it considers that. Conflicts make him more powerful. Just like exercise increases body power. So with each struggle, his enthusiasm increases. and slowly-slowly he comes to Healthy Happy Life.

That means, confidence and nothing is an only state of mind. There is only a view to see life and a view of life is under the control of man.




How to raise children

  • Father always wishes his children happiness. Always have good feelings for him. They worry about their future.

For this reason, we always try to decide the future path of our children. The path the father himself ran. Have seen the path of pebbles and stones themselves. The shadow and sunshine of the path itself have to go. The same desire is to follow your own son on the same path.

There is undoubtedly the best feeling of every father but, we forget to consider these questions, which questions?




Question No.1

  • Don’t each route change over time?
  • Doesn’t time always bring new challenges? So how can the experiences of the past give benefits to the new generation?

Question No.2

  • On the path where the father has got success, do you believe that his child will get success and happiness on the same path
  • Is each child an image of its parents? Yes, parents are definitely given rites by their children, but God gives the ability within.



Leave everything in life but never forget the smile and never give up hope because this is the only reason we can live a healthy happy life.


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