The Pursuit of Happiness Quotes

Happiness quotes

The Pursuit of Happiness Quotes 

The Pursuit of Happiness Quotes | Happiness is what we want, what we think and it happens successfully completed. The happiness that comes after the completion of certain requirements is not happiness, it is said to be just a few moments of enjoyment. Regarding happiness, science believes that it is a mixture of the fact that you are so satisfied with your life. Being happy in life is not a simple thing. Some people would hardly know that it comes from the heart. Many people believe in, getting into a party or eating good food brings happiness, but in reality, it is not, it is just enjoying these moments.

Joy Quotes (Pursuit of Happiness Quotes )

Well, it is determined at the time and situation, if everything is going well then we are happy, and if something goes up – down then we all become unhappy. Many times it happens control of our happiness depends on others ‘words or others’ actions.

“It is like a rose flower which keeps good smells for a limited time.”

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Feel good Quotes (Pursuit of Happiness Quotes)

It focuses our wandering mind and provides a very good extension of our thinking. It improves the ability to solve all the problems that come before us. If any human being does any work with happiness or positivity, then he certainly succeeds. A joyful atmosphere is created in the heart of any human being, it can create an atmosphere of happiness in everyone’s hearts. It eliminates negative ideas and helps to keep healthcare safe. If you happily do any work happiness will surely get, but if you work to be happy, then it will rarely be happy.


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Pursuit of Happiness Quotes 


How to increase Happiness in our life

  • Feel your pleasure even in the happiness of others
  • This is the most precious and happy moment of my life, I will not allow it to lose it anyhow
  • Try to be content with whatever we have
  • I want this, I need it, and all these desires keep in control
  • All those who help you a little bit more in the day, say Thanks to all with a smile
  • Talk to everyone with a smile in the society or in the office
  • Do not think of giving any kind of loss to anyone in any place possible
  • When you feel down, when you feel I cannot do anything, then remember you’re a good past
  • Start talking to people from whom you haven’t talked for a long time
  • Exercise every morning
  • Sleep at least 8 hours out of 24 hours
  • Meet anyone with a smile
  • Do not get angry if possible
  • Keep in touch with active and positive people as much as possible
  • Always helpful others
  • Sleeping at night every day, O God, thank you so much you made my day very good



Being happy does not mean that everything is fine, it means that you have learned to live up to your suffering.



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