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Sleep is an important and natural part of our lives. Essential to our survival as breath and diet. Adequate sleep helps to enhance our functioning and creativity. Many people keep turning the curtains all night. They have certain convictions and misconceptions about sleep or lack of goodnight sleep.




1. Exercise can be exhausting and result in good sleep

Not just before going to bed, but getting regular exercise during the day will help to get good sleep. Experts say that exercising before bedtime raises body temperature, which makes the body awake and makes it difficult to sleep. Sleep comes only when this increased temperature returns to normal for five to six hours.




2. Adults need less sleep

Experts recommend a total of seven to eight hours of sleep per adult. Sleep styles may vary, but they need the same amount of sleep as young people. Senior citizens have to get up often at night, due to insufficient sleep, they eat at noon.




3. Snoring is normal and harmless

if you have a long time having trouble snoring loudly, It may be an Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). reduces blood and oxygen levels and increases pressure on the heart and respiratory tract. If left untreated, there is a risk of heart disease. However, the good news is that the cure for Obstructive sleep apnea treatment is now possible. But I believe that if you get a good sleep at goodnight, then you can avoid all these problems.


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4. Sleep watching TV while sleeping

The excitement of watching TV can cause problems with sleep, in addition, the TV, commuter, and smartphones emit blurred light. When exposed to this blue light, our body stops producing the hormone called melatonin required for sleep and we stay awake. Research has shown that blue light makes the brain feel like it’s the day and that it disrupts sleep.




5. Alcohol makes good sleep

Alcohol has a natural calming effect. And helps you to sleep soon after you feel tired. During the night, this alcohol is the chemical process in your body increasing your chances of getting up early as you fall asleep slowly.




6. Sleep problems Symptoms of insomnia

Problems with sleeplessness at certain times in the night Wake up early and problems with relapse. Early in the morning, still feeling lethargic. Insomnia can be the cause of difficulty sleeping or other medical problems. Treatment of insomnia is possible. Consult a doctor if these symptoms occur three times a week.




7. Sleeping in the day is an indicator of insufficient sleep at Goodnight

The truth is that even if you get enough sleep at night, a person can get sleep during the day. Such sleep may be a symptom of a sleep disorder or a medical problem.




8. Sleeping in the day does not make you sleepy at night

Taking a small nap in the afternoon will soothe your drowsiness and make you feel refreshed. However, it should be borne in mind that the inclination should not be too long or fall not a night off sleep in the evening. This can cause your body to lose its clock. Twenty-two minutes of sleep will keep you asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.



Goodnight sleep is very important for our health because our body needs good and deep sleep to completely get rid of fatigue.



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